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Our Village
data dodania: ¦roda 24 grudnia 2008

Welcome to Międzyrzecze Village Website
Contact information:
e-mail: www:
tel. +48 502 654 723

is a beautiful village, located in Southern Poland, at submountain region of Silesia. It consists of two parts - Upper Międzyrzecze and Lower Międzyrzecze. The village is above 700 years old - first written documents about history of Międzyrzecze come from 1305.

Dr.  Jerzy Polak, historian, says: "... I know very well the area of Bielsko-Biała and Cieszyn and may say that the largest and the richest houses with stone walls were built at Międzyrzecze... Clever and rich people always lived in this village. This was not only due to historical development – Międzyrzecze always belonged to The Prince, never was owned by nobility. In XIXth century the village was a leader in the number of people, who were reading books and purchasing books to their private libraries.

Looking at the lists of exhibitors from industrial and agricultural fairs organized in XIX century at Cieszyn, Opava, Bielsko, Cracow or Lvov I was proud to discover farmers from Międzyrzecze
there. Many of them were rich and energetic farm owners, very well educated, they had been achieving high yields in several species of crops, they bred cattle and carp fish, which were presented and prized on that fairs...

Międzyrzecze is the original monument of so called fief settlement, which existed in the middle ages in the whole Europe, from France to Lvov. This is real European relic...

First citizens of Międzyrzecze were Polish-speaking people, who came to this village at the end of XIIIth century, ... German settlers reached Międzyrzecza in XVth century, in so called second wave of fief settlement... Polish and German societies lived in harmony, exchanging agricultural skills and culture. They were attending first to one church, later to two churches of two religions – Catholic and Lutheran, singing common religious songs...

I would like to emphasize universal role of Międzyrzecze, we shall be proud of. In spite of the fact that the most important monument and sign of Międzyrzecze  – the wooden St. Martin church built in 1522 and burnt in 1993 – disappeared , we should not forget, that apart of material monument there is also live sign of this place – present citizens. They are descendants of that people, who during over 700 year have been creating history of this village – high-level culture history. We shall continue this development ...".

                                      _____ O _____

At Międzyrzecze you can find: Health Center, Post Office, Library and two churches: Roman Catholic and Lutheran. The largest farm is Agricultural Cooperative „Rolnik”. Many service and production companies are located here. Two fire stations (one in Upper Międzyrzecze and one in Lower Międzyrzecze) already almost 120 years protect citizens from disasters. Two Rural Women Centres exist from 1947. Women work together here, improving their skills and working for the whole society. There are also some artistic groups at Międzyrzecze - Folk Regional Group „Międzyrzeczanie”, Wound Orchestra, Lutheran Church Choir (since 1931) and Catholic Church „Agni Novi” Schola (since 2007). In 1998 Catholic Action group was reactivated (originally founded before 1939). There are two sport clubs too – Horse Riding Club „Czanki” and Football Club „Międzyrzecze”. Hunting Circle „Hubertus” and Retired and Disabled Peoples Circle are at Międzyrzecze, too. Culture Center is the youngest organization at our village, created in 2003. In November, 2007, new house, called “Międzyrzecze Cottage” with EU funds support was built here. It was designed as wooden rural cottage, typical to area of Podbeskidzie region. Interesting part of the cottage is “Regional Memorial House”, where many items used day by day by our ancestors in past centuries are stored. This is the most beautiful exhibition of this kind in the whole region. We are very proud of it.

In 2007 we started this web service which is our social contribution to the development of Międzyrzecze. We hope you find it useful. It is managed by the Society of Friends of Międzyrzecze, created in 2008.

                                      _____ O _____

Come and visit at our village:

Two Churches

Roman Catholic St. Martin Church

Lutheran Church

Międzyrzecze Cottage

Regional Culture House situated at the village center is a beatiful and important part of Międzyrzecze. Many educational and cultural activities for young people - painting and sculpture lessons, improving skills in playing guitar or keyboard, listening to fairy tales "live" and other take place in this center. Meetings with known artists and Regional Folk Groups From Podbeskidzie Region are important part of activity of this house. Regional Memorial House Exhibition, located on the seconf floor of the cottage is a beautiful "must go and see" place at Międzyrzecze. Over one hundred items from the past, used in day by day life by our descendants has been gathered here. The Memorial House is constructed as an imitation of the old house, typical for this region. It is divided into five rooms - corridor, kitchen, living room, bedroom and barn. The local library and recently created Society of the Friends of Międzyrzecze are located in the cottage, too.

Regional Memorial House


Old Fire Station

Banquet Hall

Jasieniczanka River

This is a very nice and quiet place for resting and walking. You can reach the river (truely it is just a stream) walking along some local paths. It a very nice and quiet place especially in summer, you can walk along barley and wheat fields, listening to bird songs and smelling field flowers.  When you want to forget about your work and troubles, this is place suitable for this.  Here you can see wild animals live - different bird species, deers, wild boars, roe-deers, hares, pheasants, partriges and other animals. Beautiful sight-seeing with surrounding villages and Beskidy mountains in the background can be nice to your eyes. Here you can walk, think about anything and contemplate. Try to take your preferable book with you and read it sitting on the grass, listening to the water spreading among stones. This is a very nice place to go on picnic with the whole family.

Orchards at Międzyrzecze:

When you come to Międzyrzecze at the spring time, you can see many orchards with apple, cherry and plum trees flourishing.
New era of horticulture took place at Międzyrzecze since second half of previous century. Many orchards were established in this time, they survived until now. The orchards are managed by proffesionals, very often it is a family business, with the skills trensferred from old generations to young generations.
Fruits from Międzyrzecze (mainly apples and cherry) you can purchase in many shops in Southern Poland, they are exported to Czech Republic and Germany, too. You can also taste our fruits during local performances, like Harvest Festival or Christmas Tree meeting.

Horse Riding Club „Czanki”

We are very proud to have at Miedzyrzecze famous Horse Riding Club "Czanki". This is not only very old and very well managed headquarter, not only nice parcour and riding-school, it is also very professional team of riders and instructors. Here you can relax riding horses and taking care about them. During summer you can attend some nice riding performances, organized by the club. 


Rybaczówka House

Autumn Walking Places

Stork nests at Międzyrzecze


Our location:

We are located in Southern Poland, Silesia Region, near Bielsko-Biała City. To reach us take S-1 express road from Bielsko-Biała to Cieszyn direction, after approx. 6 km take the exit signed "Międzyrzecze". Thats it.

Recommended accomodation - hotel and restaurant "Dwór ¦wioętoszówka"

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